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Entering the Wi-Fi password every time you want to connect with a new device is a bore. Luckily, there are more and more alternatives to connect to the Wi-Fi network without entering the password. We tell you how to do it in three different ways.

If you want to connect your mobile to Wi-Fi but you don’t feel like typing the password , you have several options at your disposal: the WPS button , use the mobile’s camera to scan a QR code , or have someone who is already connected pass you the code with Nearby Share and the like.

With WPS button

For a long time, most routers have included a mysterious WPS button, which stands for Wifi Protected Setup. The idea is that instead of entering the password, you just have to press a button , search for nearby WPS networks and, in some cases, enter a numeric PIN code that should be shorter than the full password.

Connecting to a Wi-Fi router using WPS is very easy, although it has the drawback that you need to have physical access to said router to press the button. On Android, the process to connect to a Wi-Fi network with WPS is to go to the Wi-Fi settings, enter the ⋮ menu and touch Settings. One of them is WPS Connection.

As the mobile will tell you then, it is at that moment when you must press the WPS button on the router , in which case two things can happen: it connects directly or it asks you for a PIN code that should be printed somewhere on the router .

Although the connection by WPS is relatively comfortable, it is an insecure method because just as you can connect to the router without knowing the password, so can other people in the vicinity.

With a QR code

Some routers include a printed QR code that incorporates the settings to connect directly to Wi-Fi. The problem is that, if you change the Wi-Fi password -something highly recommended- said code stops working. The solution in this case is to create a new QR code for the Wi-Fi connection and that you can print and put anywhere, instead of being attached to the router.

With a valid code, all you need to do to connect to the Wi-Fi network is to use any method to scan QR codes . Most apps recognize that it’s a QR code from a Wi-Fi connection, and you’ll be able to connect easily without having to enter passwords, press buttons, or do anything weird—just scan a QR code.

with the help of a friend

A final way to connect to Wi-Fi without typing the password is for someone who already has the connection set up on their phone to share it with you . On Android, this is officially possible since the very latest Android 12 test version , although some customization layers have already included something similar for a long time.

On Android mobiles , starting from Android 12, it will be possible to share the configuration of a Wi-Fi connection directly from the network information, with the Share button . This uses Nearby Sharing , Android’s AirDrop, to send settings to nearby mobiles.

On an iPhone , the process is similar but even easier and consists of two steps. On the iPhone you want to connect on, you need to tap on the Wi-Fi key. Then, bring the other iPhone that already has Wi-Fi set up close together, and iOS will ask if you want to share the Wi-Fi key with the other person.

After a few seconds, the Wi-Fi key will be transferred from the first iPhone to the second iPhone. Both terminals need to have the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection activated and the iCloud email address of the person who shares the key needs to be in the contacts of the person who receives the key.

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