What is a 3D body scanner?

The 3D Body Scanner is a human-sized booth that aims to capture multiple 3D images of the body to detect body fat and overall dimensions. Many different industries use this machine to shape their body during garment design or for medical purposes. Scan technology uses a mixture of camera and laser to create realistic body images.

The patient wears only underwear and enters the 3D body scanner. You need to rest for about 10 seconds while the scanning technology performs the analysis. Cameras and lasers work together as they move across a person’s body. The resulting image shows the texture of the skin and the distribution of body fat, but does not show the internal image that X-rays create.

What is a 3D body scanner?

Garment designers are using this technology to improve the dimensions of their garments. All human bodies have different shapes, but designers need to accommodate these variations to match within industry sizing standards. By scanning different people with a 3D body scanner, designers can get specific dimensions and change their garments to fit each size range. In fact, you can use a 3D body scanner to improve your sizing parameters by taking into account hip, waist, and chest measurements.

Body fat distribution is a direct reflection of a person’s overall health. Most experts agree that excess fat around the stomach can lead to many health problems such as heart disease and morbid obesity. The 3D body scanner can display a realistic image of a person’s body fat distribution. As a result, doctors or dietitians can create exercise and diet routines that target these specific problem areas.

Images created by the 3D body scanner can be operated on the computer screen. The user can view the image from above, below, or from the side. This image manipulation helps the user understand where a particular body curve is and how the shape of the body affects a person’s gait. This will help healthcare professionals design plastic surgery procedures and determine the progress of diet patients.

If you need more detailed images, you can program the 3D body scanner to collect more data points within the same scan period. Medical scanners tend to collect more data points because more information helps improve patient care. In contrast, scanners intended for garment design do not require as many data points. As a result, each 3D body scanner will be priced differently depending on the amount of laser and camera required for the application.

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