Live Tracking ID Card


The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has introduced an SMS-based service for live tracking of ID card applications. The service will allow applicants to get real-time updates on the progress of their ID card application by simply sending an SMS to 8300. This is a great step forward by NADRA in terms of transparency and accountability, and will go a long way in addressing the concerns of citizens who have been waiting for their ID cards for months, or even years. We hope that this service will also be extended to other NADRA services in the future.

What is Nadra?

Nadra is the National Database and Registration Authority, a Pakistani government organization responsible for maintaining the National Database of all Pakistani citizens. Nadra was established in 2000 and its headquarters’ are located in Islamabad. The agency is responsible for issuing national identity cards, passports, and other documentation pertaining to citizenship. It also manages the country’s population census and maintains vital statistics.

How to Apply for a Nadra Tracking ID Card

In order to apply for a Nadra Tracking ID Card, applicants must first visit the nearest Nadra office with a valid form of identification. After providing the necessary information and documents, applicants will be fingerprinted and photographed. Then, they must submit an application fee. After their application has been processed, they will receive their Nadra Tracking ID Card in the mail.

What are the benefits of having a Nadra Tracking ID Card?

Assuming you are referring to the National Database and Regulatory Authority (Nadra) Tracking ID card issued by the Pakistani government, there are a number of benefits to having one.

First and foremost, the Nadra Tracking ID card is an official form of identification. In Pakistan, this card is required for a number of important tasks, such as opening a bank account or applying for a passport. Therefore, having a Nadra Tracking ID card can make life much easier for Pakistani citizens.

Secondly, the Nadra Tracking ID card can be used as a tracking device. If a person with a Nadra Tracking ID card goes missing, their family members can use the card to track their whereabouts. This can be extremely helpful in cases of kidnapping or human trafficking.

Thirdly, the Nadra Tracking ID card can help to speed up the process of getting a death certificate. In Pakistan, the death certificate is issued by Nadra. However, if a family member does not have a Nadra Tracking ID card, they will have to go through a lengthy and complicated process in order to get one. Having a Nadra Tracking ID card can help to streamline this process.

Fourthly, possession of a Nadra Tracking ID card is proof that an individual is registered with Nadra. This registration is necessary for many things in Pakistan, such as getting married or buying property. Therefore, having a Nadra Tracking ID Card can save individuals a great deal of time and hassle.