Your Mac can read text for you: how it is structured

Apple is a company that values ​​all users. Proving this is the amount of accessibility features that every device has. Well, in this case, we would like to talk to you about one of the most interesting features, XNUMX, with just a few clicks to read the contents of the screen about what you can do with your Mac .

Here’s how to configure this action

Problems Reading Content for Everyone Who Has Cupertino, which appears on the screen of the Mac, has an accessibility option that allows the Mac to read all the content, but it’s the same for all types Valid for the user, whether or not there is a problem.

If you want to try it for yourself, all you have to do is set a keyboard shortcut for it and customize it to your liking to make it as comfortable as possible. You can also display the controller on the screen itself to change the speed of the audio, stop it, or move it in the opposite direction.

  1. On your Mac, press a specific keyboard shortcut , the default option + Esc . Thus, if there is text selected when pressing this combination, it will be read, otherwise all text elements available in that window will be read. If no text is available, you will hear a beep.
  2. If you want to stop the speech, you need to press this key again.

And here’s how to customize it

As mentioned earlier, within macOS you can customize the controls that allow you to narrate the content available on your computer screen. In this way, you can adapt the controls that allow you to perform this action according to your tastes and needs by following the steps below.

  1. On Mac, Apple Menu .
  2. Click System Preferences , Go to Accessibility And you will be able to provide more local customer support in addition to the established regional offices for reading content . 
  3. Select ” Read Selection ” box. Click Options to configure non-default keyboard shortcuts and change other settings .
    • Highlight Content : Click the drop-down menu to choose whether to highlight the word, sentence, or both when the Mac reads the word. You can also click the Word Color and Audio Color menus and choose a color to highlight them.
    • Style : Click the drop-down menu to underline or change the background color of the text.
    • Show Controller : Click the drop-down button to specify whether the controller is automatically displayed or always displayed when you press a keyboard shortcut.
  4. Click OK when you have finished selecting options.


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