macOS Monterey crashes in FaceTime, can I fix it?

Just yesterday, the group FaceTime was published on Mac 9 to 5 Mac in connection with a bug in macOS 12.0.1 Monterey. And what seemed to be the editor’s user experience a priori has caused a lot of complaints from other users who were prompted to report the problem. But what does this failure consist of? Is there a solution?

This is a group call failure on macOS

t took, but Apple will eventually be able to make calls from macOS Mojave and its equivalents via iOS and FaceTime with up to 32 people. Whether this works properly depends on the participant’s internet connection, but in principle it didn’t cause any problems (reported in 2019 and Apple had to publicly apologize). Aside from fatal security issues).

However, as Zac Hall states in his post, and as we’ve seen ourselves, group video calls suddenly freeze the Mac and it’s unlikely that it will work again. Is it possible to force the shutdown device to disconnect and restart normally using the button only ?

And while this flaw seems to have been revealed on computers running macOS version 12.0.1, it could also be present in macOS Big Sur . Therefore, at least some of the 9to5Mac readers stand out like any other consultation forum. The exact cause of the problem is unknown at this time, but nevertheless it is clear that it is a serious problem for those who usually make this type of video call. Intel processor and Apple ARM (M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max).

Can you see the solution on macOS 12.1.

As already shown, a simple forced shutdown with a button is the solution to this problem. Not knowing its origin is difficult to predict, so I’m not sure if your arrangement is more or less difficult. However, it is likely that a complete system update will be required to resolve it, and all will be the next macOS 12.1 system update.

This version is currently in beta and does not preclude the possibility of a previous version being released if a serious security flaw is reported, but it seems to be the closest. Except for the surprise, it will be  first half of the month it comes out and is expected to be resolved in light of this ruling. We’re not sure if it’s been fixed in beta at this time, but it’s a little-known bug that Apple may not have investigated yet. Once published, I hope they find their origin and can be resolved with this earlier version.

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