Why macOS isn’t free on Mac

Often said to be one of the benefits of purchasing an Apple computer is that it’s ready to use as soon as you open it. It is true that you need to perform some steps in the initial configuration of. Mac, but ultimately a relatively fast process. And this is all official and fully functional operating system, is this software really free? Is it a gift from Apple for your purchase? No, no.

You pay for it when you buy a computer

For Windows PCs when you buy , the cost of the operating system is usually itemized. In fact, in many stores, the system is configured as a Microsoft standard. However, Apple has different versions of macOS, so that’s different, but only is updated on its own. Also, when it comes to purchasing a Mac, you usually have the latest Mac installed, assuming it’s a free add-on.

Yes, you have the option to add other software items such as Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro licenses during the purchase process and you can see them clearly. As for macOS, it’s not specified, but it’s ultimately indirectly included in the price.

Now, the big question is, how much does macOS cost? There is no clear answer. For Apple, the total hardware and software is uniform, and the actual cost analysis is complicated. Indirect factors such as development period, worker salaries, electricity bills for rooms used by such companies, and long periods where it is virtually impossible to calculate accurate costs need to be added.

Update that way, yes, it’s free

If you buy a Mac and pay the right amount, you don’t have to worry about paying anything. Unless it breaks and you have to go for repair, it’s already a completely different case. However, as well as the standard system version, you also paid for the renewal .

In fact, this is another possible factor to take into account when assessing the purchase price of a Mac, via Apple ‘s years of support software on the device. Today, we have found computers that are compatible with the latest versions, such as the 2013 Mac mini and Mac Pro.

Either way, and to get rid of the doubts: No, it doesn’t cost you to update your Mac when or after doing it. After all, when you make a purchase, you understand that you have already paid for the entire outline of the components that make it up. Therefore, you can easily find the update in the corresponding settings panel.


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