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Whats Tracker The WhatsApp Tracker application or what is known as the WhatsApp tracker is one of the most powerful applications for monitoring profile visitors of the WhatsApp application. Where WhatsApp Tracker is the latest version, the application provides a set of services, some of which work to track who visited your WhatsApp profile, and others to know the people near you and the date they entered the application, and many other things that you can benefit from in the event that you are completely curious to know who visited your profile in WhatsApp and see your status and profile picture. In addition, you will find a set of different features and capabilities that the Whats Tracker application enjoys that made it a widely popular application among Android phone users at the present time. In this article, we will mention the most important features of WhatsApp Tracker with its download link.


What is Whats Tracker App?

Whats Tracker is an Android application that allows its users to see which contacts have visited their WhatsApp profile, as well as the timing of the visit and their photo. There are also other additional services that give an ideal use experience for the WhatsApp application, such as the service of saving cases, viewing deleted messages, and many others. It has received more than a million downloads and won the admiration of many, and you can benefit from some of the services provided for free without the need to pay any fees and so on. It is a smooth, simple and uncomplicated application that you can try quite easily.

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Find out who is accessing your profile and who is looking at you on WhatsApp

One of the main services provided by the Whats Tracker application is a service that allows all its users to know the people who have read and view their profile picture and status by displaying the names and numbers of visitors in a section that is easy to reach, when they click on one of the profile visitors in the WhatsApp application WhatsApp will display a set of options that you can make, including entering the WhatsApp application and messaging it, and another for sending short text messages and also making a voice call with it. It is worth noting that this service displays the date and time when the profile was visited within the WhatsApp application. .

Whats Tracker App Show Who You Visited Their Profile

WhatsApp Tracker In addition to the service that works to show all profile visitors, there is also another service provided by the Whats Tracker application, which allows you to know the people or contacts whose profile has been visited by you, so it displays all the numbers and timing of the visit and a set of options that you can implement In the event that you want to know when you visited the profile of one of your friends or contacts, WhatsApp Tracker will allow you to do so easily by displaying them all to you in an organized and organized manner and in order to know them more, their names registered in your contacts will be displayed in case their numbers or names are saved In WhatsApp, in case the numbers are not registered in your phone as well, along with their personal photos that were placed in the WhatsApp application.

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Geolocation detection in Whats Tracker app

WhatsApp Tracker You can, in case you want to know the geographical location of any contact who viewed your profile in the WhatsApp application, so that if there is a strange unknown number and you want to collect information about it and the reason for viewing your profile, and this information includes its geographical location, the Whats application Tracker has worked to provide a very amazing service that you can use quite easily, as you open a map similar to Google Maps that determines your area as well as the area of ​​​​who viewed the profile, so you can track it and know some information about it.

Find people near you on Whats Tracker

Through the WhatsApp Tracker application, you can search for anyone who owns the Whats Tracker application in his phone and is near you, whether he is male or female, all you have to do is open the GPS, then the application will automatically display all the numbers near you and subscribed to the WhatsApp Tracker application, so that you have the ability to communicate With them either by text messages or through WhatsApp or via a voice call or chat and start a conversation as in social networking applications, you will find some of the features of this service paid and not free.

Save WhatsApp statuses and show deleted messages

The Whats Tracker application saves all deleted messages in the WhatsApp application with a section through which you can restore these messages at any time you want so that if one of your friends or others deletes some messages in the WhatsApp application and you are curious to know what is then sent, the service to show deleted messages Provided by the WhatsApp Tracker application, you will automatically save deleted messages and show them to you at any time you want. The application also contains a very wonderful service that works to save WhatsApp cases, which the official application prevents, as it deletes all cases after 24 hours of placing them, so if he received a video You like it in the cases of your friends and want to save it on your phone and share it on social networking sites because the official WhatsApp application prevents that, this service will provide you with this possibility with ease.

Explain how to use Whats Tracker
After downloading the application and running it on your phone, a window will be displayed containing the privacy policy and terms of use of the application. Click on Agree to continue with the Whats Tracker registration.

After that, a page will be displayed asking you to enter the country and the WhatsApp number
Enter your data, then press Sign in.

Then some windows will be displayed asking you to allow the application
To access some permissions, click on Allow as shown in the image.

On the home page of the application, you will find some lists and sections for services
The application, when you click on Visilted, all visitors to your profile will be loaded.

When you press Contact, the application will display all your contacts.

By clicking on the icon at the bottom left of the screen for the main page
You can communicate with all the people close to you who have the WhatsApp tracker application.

In the Visiltor section, all the people whose WhatsApp profiles you have visited will be displayed.

.Features of Whats Tracker App
.Through it, you can know the visitors of your profile in the WhatsApp application.
.Allows you to track the geographical location of your profile visitors.
.It displays the contacts whose profile you have visited.
.It provides you with the ability to search and find people near you who have the Whats Tracker application to communicate with them.
.It displays the date and time of other people’s visits to your profile.
.You can block anyone who annoys you.
.It works to show deleted messages in the WhatsApp application.
.Allows you to save WhatsApp statuses on your phone.

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