How To Check Online Ehsaas Program 14000 | Ehsaas Program 14000 Registration

As per the regulations, every adult should have an identity document and this is how you will be able to apply for the Ehsas program 14000 online. Nowadays, people can find lots of applications in different forms but the application form or the registration form has been updated with a few changes.

How to Apply For The Application Form?

There are so many programs available in the market and each one of those programs differs by some other factor. Some of these programs are very easy to apply while others take much time to get submitted and also the fees are more than other programs. So we have decided that it’s better to get all the information about the applicants before getting into the details of the program. There are numerous ways through which you can find out your desired personal details like Aadhar card, driving license, PAN Card etc. All such information will give you the same chance to get registered in a particular program. The process might take some time but it’ll be worth it. You just need to follow the detailed instructions given in the application form.

After filling up the details, they will ask for a valid mobile number only then after you type in the correct mobile number, complete the necessary information and finally submit. Once you have received the confirmation of the selected country name and surname then you will receive the Ehsas email id and address. After this click on the button “Submit” and the application will be approved within a minute.

Here are some simple steps taken by the government for giving approval and registering

Steps To Apply For An Identity Document Using An Aadhaar Card: Enter Aadhar number and hit enter

The image above shows the entire procedure for you. If anyone wants to complete this step then they can visit the website –


Check Online Ehsaas Program 14000


You will see a lot of options, choose the one with your photo of yourself and leave

Steps to Register Using A Driving License or Voter ID: Go to the official website of the department

Navigate to the section where you have to fill up your information

Now after putting up your data, hit the submit

Steps to register using Social Security Number (SSN): Visit the section of your profile, select “SSN Account & Password” and start entering the password

Once done with that then go back to login

Steps to register using Bank Account (BANIC): Click on the option “Submit” and wait for the process to complete

Steps to register using Passport: Go to the website and log-in

Hit the search box

Finally click on “Submit” and get registered

Steps to Register Using Class 10 School Record (CSR) : Go to the website and enter both of your school ID and your CSR number and hit the send button

After getting successful then go to go back to the point where you have signed up

Steps to Get Registered As Per Your Interests And Education Qualification: Navigate to that section and fill up the details

Hit the ‘Submit’ Button

Steps to get registered as per your interests and qualification as well: Fill in any of your educational qualifications and hit the Submit Button.

After hitting the Submit Button then your registration of personal details will remain active for at least 30 days then the authorities can use them now.

How Much Is It Filled Of Forms In India?

The total number of applications submitted in 2018 was 9,04,079. But according to the latest updates there are 2,932 active applications, thus, the maximum limit on the number of applications by banks is 15,000,000. Apart from this bank can also provide 20,000 new registrations every year and the minimum age of these applications could be 18 years and the maximum amount is Rs. 100000. So, based on all this numbers it makes no sense anymore to apply for different types of Ehsas program now. They have already issued around 1,000,000 of the approvals so far. But all the applications will still be kept open till the final date of the season.

So don’t forget to fill up all the required details like Aadhar Card, Driver License, PAN Card, Health Cards among more details and submit the applications according to the instructions given in the application form. Keep a check on our site to find the further details in this article.

FAQs On How to Find Out About Us

Where Will I be Seen When I Send My Signing & What Types of Programs Are We Offered Here And if Anyone Has Any Query Or Need Help With That Then Just Ask Our Experts!

What Kinds of Applications I Can Upload Here?

All kinds of applications are being launched by various institutions. Due to the increasing number of applications, there have been created separate departments to do the verification of documents. It doesn’t matter what kind of documents will you get to submit, they can upload any kind of document like Aadhar, passport, driving licence, passport size photos.

What Documents Will Be Accepted At The Interview Session Here?

At the interview session the candidates will see their respective personal documents and an identification document during the interview process. These can include notary receipts, passport, social security card, driving license in addition one must have the previous year certificate or degree certificate, diploma or bachelors degree along with photocopy of relevant certificates or graduation mark sheets and other relevant papers. Since they won’t be permitted to present anything else they would put up those documents.

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