WhatsApp Direct – Send Message Without Contact Android Code Free Download

WhatsApp Direct - Send contact message
This application is a great app for WhatsApp Messenger to send messages to any number that are not saved in your contacts.


1) WhatsApp Direct - You can send messages and media directly to WhatsApp without the need for communication.

2) No need to save a contact - No need to save a contact number, add / select and send the number directly.

3) Select Number Directivity from Call Logs - Just select a number from the current call log and send a message.

4) Sending a message is easy (how it works) 1. Select the WhatsApp number 2. Enter the text message 3. Tap "Send" to send the message 4. Attach the media to your WhatsApp connected button Can do.


- If the app requires policy requirements for acceptable use or is eligible for an exception, you must announce the call or SMS permissions directly through the play console.
- This app uses an official WhatsApp API to open any number of chats without having to enter it as a connection on your device.
- This app or app is not affiliated with developer WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a registered trademark of WhatsApp Ink.
- When sending messages through the WhatsApp Direct app, you must adhere to the WhatsApp Terms and Conditions.