Ra1nUSB Multiple Versions of Chekra1N MinaUSB IRGrox Bypass for Windows PC

Ra1nUSB Multiple Versions of Chekra 1N, Mina USB, IRGrox Bypass for Windows PC
Checker 1N with iTunes Patch for One Windows PC, Mina USB, RA1NUSB with multiple versions of IRGROX Bypass. You cannot install the tool directly on Windows. You need a bootable USB with ra1nusb in it to boot into your computer. RA1NUSB comes in two variants. One for AMD and one for Intel PC. Your USB drive should have at least 8 GB of free space.
Suitable devices:
The RA1 NUSB is compatible with devices such as the Chekra One N, as long as they are available from iOS 13 to 13.3. Please note - if your device is not on this list, you cannot use Ra1nUSB:
IPhone X
IPhone 8 Plus
IPhone 8
IPhone 7
IPhone 7 Plus
IPhone SE
IPhone 6s
IPhone 6s Plus
Small ipad
IPad mini 2
IPad mini 3
IPad Air
IPad Pro 1gen
Ra1nUSB Multiple Versions of Chekra 1N, Mina USB, IRGrox Bypass for Windows PC

How to use RA1NUSB Send gel:
If you are happy to proceed using RA1NUSB, follow these steps very carefully:

Only 8 GB is required to restore DMG file, use Belna Touch 1.5.79
Once complete, go to your BIOS files, shut down your computer, and then boot up. All computers are different but going into the BIOS usually involves pressing Dell, F10 or F12
When your BIOS opens, disabled the following settings= VT-D, EL- SerialPort, SecureBoot, Stack Network, Fastboot, Wake on LAN, make sure virtualization is enabled.
Save your changes and exit the BIOS
Plug in your bootable USB drive and restart your computer - make sure you're booting from USB, not Windows
From the License Bootloader, choose Install Boot MacOS from Ra1nUSB
Wait for this image to boot on your computer - if you receive any error messages, the game is over. You can try again, but it is unlikely to work. If so, you'll need to go back to your BIOS and re-enter everything
If Ra1nUSB boots successfully, you will see a screen that looks like the MacOS installer screen - do not choose MacOS installation
Instead, go up and click Utilities> Terminal
In the terminal window, type ra1nusb and press Enter
The Checker 1 jailbreak should open, and you can proceed to break your device using the Max Check Check Official Checker Installation Guide.

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