A programming error has occurred in the last few hours Apple ‘s smartphone is infected with a virus, causing problems connecting to the Internet. IPhone . A priori, it doesn’t seem to be serious or very widespread because of how strange it is. In fact, the truth is that it hasn’t been resolved yet, but it can have a fairly logical explanation. We tell you everything you need to know below Avoid this failure.

Causes and causes of this new failure

Twitter security researcher user Carl Schou was the XNUMX person who first reported this issue. He showed a record of his iPhone screen through that social network. In a wireless LAN network, this connection was permanently deactivated without the possibility of reconnecting. The problem is the SSID, as we learned later. The name that identifies the network, or WiFi .

The network to which Schou was connected had the name “% p% s% s% s% s% n” and had some strange characters, but a priori is fine. The fact that names start with a symbol, such as a percentage, can be the cause of the problem, as discussed on Twitter and other specialized forums. Arguably the most striking thing at this point is that there is no solution , as researchers commented that changing this name to something else and restarting the router and iPhone was unsuccessful.

How to prevent iPhone from looping

Obviously, this programming language-related issue only affects Apple devices such as the iPhone, not. Android . If you have an iPhone and don’t want to be the victim of this hassle, we recommend that you don’t connect to networks that start with the percent sign. We also recommend that you do not connect to other networks where the sequence of symbols may be far away. The usual name you usually give to your WiFi network.

If your WiFi network starts with that symbol, it’s a good idea to change it before trying to connect. Unfortunately, if you’re already affected by the problem, here’s an obvious solution at this point: Completely restore your iPhone . This will fix the problem and you can use your WiFi network normally, but if you don’t want the problem to happen again, you obviously need to avoid connecting to such a network.

As I said at the beginning, it doesn’t seem to be a serious problem as it hasn’t spread to a significant number of users. However, this does not reduce the importance of the solution. Given the visibility given to this failure, Apple may already be aware of the problem and are trying to provide a solution. This may arrive iOS 14.7, at the expense of arrival it is advisable to avoid connecting to WiFi networks whose names begin with that symbol.

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