Continue to listen to new data in the future Apple flagship. The date of the new presentation The iPhone is approaching, with reports on its production and possible properties. Check out the latest known about these devices and the main news it brings about the current iPhone 12 still on sale.

New report talks about their entry into the factory

We’ve heard reports from sources close to Apple’s production chain for weeks in 2021 confirming that everything is ready for iPhone production. The latest is from Digitimes , TSMC, detailing that it will significantly increase facial production levels to the last XNUMX months of the XNUMX year due to the production of new processors that these devices will mount.

A priori, this is information that could be passed as irrelevant at any time, as it is expected that Apple will typically take into account the announcement and launch of the new iPhone in September. However, it is more appropriate given the delay caused by the COVID-XNUMX pandemic last year and the current lack of components affecting other companies. Without going any further, Samsung may not launch the “Note” series of smartphones this year. Apple is unaffected in the iPhone space, except for surprises, so it’s easy to breathe.

The main news coming to these iPhones

As you may know, this year it was launched by XNUMX three new phones Apple. It uses the same size as the current iPhone 12 mini, 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. Therefore, the 5.4-inch, 6.1-inch, and 6.7-inch smartphones will reappear. At the design level, the general line hasn’t changed much, but there are some important points: A change between the standard model and the “mini” model cameras , which moves and places the double lens diagonally and adds a LiDAR sensor. There are also expected changes on the front. Notch reduction , which applies to all XNUMX models.

In addition to the classic performance improvements of the new chip , it is expected that it will eventually continue to rely on the infrastructure that exists in each region, except in the United States, where excellent 5G, especially millimeter-wave antennas, are already built in. .. Expected improvements You can also use the astrophotography feature on the “Pro” model with the camera, improving the ideal focus aperture for ultra-wide-angle and night photography. 120 Hz “Pro” panel refresh rate in addition to other long-awaited improvements .

Another XNUMX feature on the new screen is the always-on display of the optional Apple Watch as we already have the latest . This is achieved thanks to the LTPO panel, which allows a 1Hz refresh rate to quiesce with minimal battery consumption. And yes, better batteries on these iPhones, after the continuity made on the iPhone 11 with respect to 12.

And when it comes to prices , nothing that is too specific is leaked, and in fact it is rarely known before the presentation. Apple has maintained them like they did in the last few years and is confident that prices won’t go up, but it was known at some point before it went on sale. It also helps in general the fact that they aren’t very destructive devices (there’s even talk of being able to name them “13” instead of “12”).

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