Checkra1n For Windows' Ra1nstorm Install Linux For Checkra1n Jailbreak

0.9.5 currently installs macOS Mojave by default, which can fix kernel panics for a few users.

Additionally, it improves the clarity of sure error messages.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: VT-d could be a special choice and isn't an equivalent as traditional virtualization. If it isn't in your BIOS, your pc probably does not support ra1nstorm!

This is a beta version and should have bugs. Here goes!

Windows users need the "setup.exe" that prepares a UNIX system surroundings. Once Xubuntu is put in victimization setup.exe, you run "/host/ra1nstorm/ra1nstorm.run" so as to start ra1nstorm setup.

Ubuntu and by-product distro users will simply run "ra1nstorm.run" file victimization bash.

Always scan the README.md guys!