How to Create macOS Mojave Bootable USB Installer on Windows

The BalenaEtcher tool is used to write image files such as .iso and .img files.

Before you begin
Get our latest BalenaEtcher tool from the #download section.
Buy # 16 GB or larger USB drives
#Backup your system completely. We highly recommend performing a full backup of your existing system using Carbon Copy Cloner. By doing so, you can always return to your working installation.
# Download Max from the Downloads section.

axi0m's checkm8 The highly anticipated Checkra One jailbreak based on Botum exploits is finally here! The jailbreak community has really needed the elevator that Checkra One has brought, but as we know, MacOS is currently only "officially" available to consumers. At the same time, in a really passionate way, where there is a will, there is truly a way for people.

What about MacOS VMs on Windows PCs?

Unless you are able to recreate USB for a virtual machine, mechanics working on a VM will do the trick, which is a very complicated task to do. Therefore, this is by no means an easy task and does not require time, effort and knowledge to invest.

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