blood bank management system in php with source code download free

Blood Bank Management System In PHP With Source Code Download Free

Project: Blood Bank Management System
Features :
1.Login – Register
2.Admin Panel
3.Request for blood
4.Donate Blood
5.Manage – Add State, City, Members
6.Manage Active and Non-Active Donors
In this project, there are two types of login. i.e Admin and User. After Logging in as a user, he/she can View dashboard, request for blood and donate blood. Admin has full management of the system, admin will Add also as manage State, City, Members. And conjointly from the admin panel, he/she can maintain Active and Non-active donors. In short, The system helps to donate & request blood online, manage donors and request blood details. The design of this project is straightforward and also the user won’t realize it tough to know, use and navigate.